Questions of Test: SAT Verbal practice Test

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The excessive exercise of authority tends to ------- excessive rule breaking and thus serves to ------- the very impulses against which it guards.


When Anna heard that she had won a scholarship to her first-choice college, she was so ------- that she laughed exuberantly and hugged her friends repeatedly. 


The new anti-poverty legislation was introduced without -------, but it has had a ------- effect on the lives of the working poor whose standard of living was raised well beyond their expectations.


The musician Arnold Schoenberg is often described as ------- because he was one of the first to experiment with atonality in musical compositions.


Although at first the city?s subway maps may seem -------, once riders become familiar with them they will prove to be an easy and ------- way to understand the transit system. 


New NASA satellite photographs of the ------- of Earth?s surface have enabled scientists to understand better the topography of our planet. 


Performance artist Peter Norris built a sensory deprivation chamber and lived in it for over a month, during which time he had no visual or tactile -------. 


The critic refused to turn in his review of the movie, telling his editor that it would be a complete waste of time to bother ------- a film whose complete worthlessness is ------- to even the least discerning moviegoer. 


The play was a series of -------, brief descriptive sketches that provided ------- portrayals of the characters and rich detail about their motivations. 


Older dogs are more ------- than younger ones, and thus easier for novice dog handlers to train. 

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