Questions of Test: SAT writing practice test

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 Although Jimmy practiced for the driving test for months, passing it by only one point on test day.


Plywood and boxes of nails are stacked in the third aisle they can be bought individually or in bulk.


By combining elegance and strength so seamlessly, the ideal for a screen hero was embodied by Cary Grant more fully than by any other film star in the twentieth century.


Even the politician’s most positive ideas were mocked by his opponent, this negativity produces an extremely divisive campaign season.


Bone reinforced corsets were long considered proper apparel for both men and women, yet they were in use for centuries, in fact, before fashion made them undesirable.


The energy bar made it possible for marathon runner Joe Smith to replenish his body’s carbohydrates and he could continue without slowing to a walk.


Anthony Trollope created characters that evoke sympathy no matter their situation, and they are frequently victims of the trappings of nineteenth century English society.


Among singers, the Star Spangled Banner is celebrated and feared for its extended range, its powerful melody, and its powerful meaning to many Americans.


Point Pleasant needed increased revenue from tourism and as a result a new park, hotel and fine restaurant were built in the main square.


After the crushing loss, one of the players said that the other team simply played better, an explanation for losing that was obvious.

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