Questions of Test: GMAT Quantitative Practice Test

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Over the first year the price of acertain investment increased by 15 percent and then increased by additional 15 percent over the next year. By what percent did the price of investment increase over the two years?


What is the value of x?

(1)  3x + 6y = 18

(2)  2y +x = 6


Currently George is 3 times as old as Mary. If exactly 13 years later George will be one year younger than twice as old as Mary, what is George’s current age?


If q is greater than zero and 0.5√q = 2q, then q =


Tim, Jason and Michael are participating in a certain race. If their individual probabilities to finish among top ten runners are 0.5, 0.4, and 0.3 respectively, what is the probability that none of them will be among top ten finishers?


If a and b are both greater than 1, is a>b?

(1)  b < √a

(2)  a >√b


Which of the following expressions is the greatest?


In 2006 the price of a certain stock was $360 and in 2009 it was $480. What will be the price of the stock in 2012, if the price of the stock will continue to increase at the same rate per dollar?


How many times does the digit 8 occur in numbers from 1 to 1000?


Three teams each of 7 members are to be made from 10 Americans, 5 Australians, and 6 Cubans. If each person much be on one of the three teams, and each team is to have at least one member from each of the three countries, then what is the maximum number of Americans who can be on one team?

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