Questions of Test: GRE Math Section Prep Test 1

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N = {32, 48, 50, 24, 64} 

Column A:  

The sum of the mean and the range of set N 

Column B: 

The sum of the range and the median of set N 


N = {8, 9, 5, 3, 7, 13, 9, 2} 

The sum of the mean, mode, median, and range of set N is 


The average of ten numbers is 11. The average of six of these numbers is 13. The average of the remaining numbers is x

Column A: 40 

Column B: 4x 


Which of the following is equivalent to (3x + 4y)(5x – 3y)?

I. 15x2 – 12y2

II. (3x – 3y) (5x + 4y)

III. -4y(-5x + 3y) + 3x(5x – 3y)


A to-go restaurant is running a special where customers can choose from among 10 dishes to make up a takeout box with 5 different choices. The manager finds that the number of different boxes possible is: 


y is 60% of 30, and 8 is x% of 40 

Column A:  x  

Column B:  y + 2 


A rectangular package has dimensions of 5, 4, and 3 units. Which of the following is the set of distinct possible products of the areas of two different sides?


A family keeps a bowl that contains ping-pong balls labeled with chores:  tidy the hallway, wash dishes, mop kitchen floor, clean upstairs bathroom, vacuum living room, fold laundry, clean downstairs bathroom, and make the beds. One child particularly hates to use the vacuum cleaner. At chore time, she draws out two balls and must complete the chores written on them. What is the chance that she will avoid having to vacuum? 


Column A:   √81

Column B:  √(9 + 25 + 36 )     (all three are under square root symbol)


If 2x + y = a, and 5x + y = b, then x =  

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