Questions of Test: GRE Quantitative Practice Test

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Elephants in a zoo require approximately 150 pounds of food per day. Elephants in the wild require approximately 315 pounds of food per day.

Column A:      The amount of food required by three zoo elephants for one week 

Column B: The amount of food required by five wild elephants for two days


S = {y-z, x}. The mean of set S is 3y. What is the unknown member of the set, x, in terms of y and z?


Colored marbles are drawn at random from a bag without replacing any. In the bag are four clear marbles and seven black marbles.

Column A: The probability of drawing two clear marbles

Column B: The probability of drawing three black marbles




Column A: (7!)(3!) / (5!)(2!)

Column B: 5!


Column A: (√7 + 13) (√7 - 13)

Column B: - (13 + √7) (13- √7)


The sum of the digits of a certain two-digit number is 7. Reversing its digits creates a second number which is larger than the first by 9. The first number is  

I. 43

II. 25

III. 34


Column A: The area of a circle with diameter 26

Column B: The area between two concentric circles with radii 15 and 6


An electronics store had a 10% off sale. Items that did not sell were marked down another 10%, and then what was left was marked down another 15% for clearance. A certain item’s original price before the sales was $150. What was its clearance price?


(-1)-x = -1 and x is positive integer ≠ 0

Column A: 3

Column B: x

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