Questions of Test: GRE Math Section Prep Test 3

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12r2 – 51r + 45 =


Column A  (16)(15)(14)

 Column B 16!/13!


If the number of seconds in d days equals the number of minutes in 8 weeks, then d =


A right triangle ABC has hypotenuse 20 and base 16.

 Column A:  The area of triangle ABC

 Column B: Two times the perimeter of triangle ABC


Peter left home and drove toward the family vacation house at an average speed of 40 km/hour. Sophia left home some time later and, driving at 48 km/hr for five hours, caught up with Peter. At that time Peter had been driving for h hours.  

Column A    336 km

 Column B    The distance Sophia could drive in h hours at her current speed


The number n is an integer, 7n < 3000, and 5n > 600.

 Column A:  5

 Column B:  n


If x2 – 4x = 45, then x =

I           9

II         8

III        -5


Column A: Number of square tiles needed to cover a space on a wall of 72” x 108”, using tiles that each have a perimeter of 36 inches.

 Column B: Number of square tiles needed to make a rectangular border one tile wide around the outside of the same 72” x 108” space, using tiles that each have an area of 9 square inches.


A girl sells cups of lemonade at a stand. Her sales on Wednesday compared to Tuesday were in the ratio 3:2. If she had sold 80 more cups of lemonade on Tuesday, she would have sold the same number of cups on each day. 

Column A: The number of cups of lemonade she sold on Tuesday 

Column B: Twice the number of additional cups needed on Tuesday to match Wednesday’s sales


The product of the greatest prime factor of 88 and the smallest prime factor of 117 is

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