Questions of Test: SAT Math Practice Test

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A retailer buys a radio for $ 225. His overhead expenses are $ 15. He sells the radio for $ 300. The profit percent of the retailer is


A, B, C enters into a partnership. A invests some money at the beginning, B invests double the amount after 6 months and C invests thrice the amount after 8 months. If the annual profit be $ 9000, then C’s share is


M, S, R rented a video cassette for 1 week at a rent of $ 350. If they used it for 6 hrs, 10 hrs and 12 hrs respectively, what is the rent paid by R?


If 6(A’s capital) = 8(B’s Capital) = 10(C’s capital), then the ratio of their capital is


 An alloy contains zinc and copper in the ratio 5:8 and another alloy contains zinc and copper in the ratio 5:3. If equal amount of both alloy are melted together, then the ratio of zinc and copper in the resulting alloy is-


A sum of $ 53 is divided among A,B,C, in such a way that A gets $ 7 more than what B gets and B gets $ 8 more than what C gets. The ratio of their shares is


 A fraction bears the same ratio to 1/27 as 3/7 bears to 5/9. The fraction is


Out of three given numbers, the first one is twice the second and three times the 3rd. if the average of those numbers is 88, then the difference between 1st and the 3rd is


The average of 8 readings is 24.3, out of which the average of first 2 is 18.5 and that of next 3 is 21.2. if the 6th reading is 3 less than the 7th and 8 less than 8th, then what is the sixth reading?


The average weight of 19 students was 25 kg. By the admission of a new student the average weight reduced to 24.8 kg. The weight of the new student is

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