Questions of Test: GRE Math Practice Test


1. Lines l1, l2, and l3 are parallel; the diagonal line is straight.

Column A: a + d                                                        

Column B: c – b + 180


All lines are straight and intersect as shown.


Column A: c


Column B: a + b


Given: The large circle has its center at point N. The medium circle has its center at M and is tangent to the large circle. The small circle has its center at point P, intersects point N, and is tangent to the large circle. NP is 8 units long. NM is 6 units long and is perpendicular to NP.


Column A:  area of the shaded portion              


Column B:  2.5 times the area of the small circle


Column A: November sales


Column B: December sales


(Refer to chart “Gasoline Sales”)

Column A: The percent change in premium sales from February to March


Column B: The percent change in total sales January to February


Given line m is parallel to line n. The measure of angle a° is

A          35                   

B          45

C          65

D         Not possible to calculate from the information given


The values for a and b are:


A          32, 58

B          36, 54

C          36, 68

D         54, 32


The ratio of the measures of the two complementary angles shown is 2:3.  Angle a is


A          30

B          36

C          54

D         60

E          72


A garden store sells fall bulbs. There were twice as many lily bulbs as amaryllis bulbs sold. If 700 bulbs total were sold, how many lily bulbs were sold?


A          56

B          84

C          112

D         168

E          532