Questions of Test: JSF Interview questions

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Which of the following services are provided by JSF framework?


Can we use JSF to render components for client other than HTML browser?


Which of the following are Characteristics  of a JSF managed bean?


My JSF application has user display language as English. The messages and text are hard coded in the jsp file. Now I want the application to display in German also. So I decided to use properties file. How can I configure and use it in jsf application?


I have a JSF (v 1.2) application.  I want to use properties file for test/messages in my application. Same time I also want to make sure it runs properly even on older versions of JSF. Which is the appropriate method to choose?


Which of the following method of using resource bundle in JSF application is more efficient?


I have used file for user interface messages and I have configured message bundle in my faces-config.xml file using <message-bundle> tag. But now I realize that for many messages I might have to send the parameters also. Some thing like : "you have added <parameter> number of items till now". How can I achieve this?


I have 2 files, message_de.preoprties for English and German strings respectively.  The default language is English. Given they are configured properly in the faces-config.xml file, how can I make the application to show german strings in my application.


Which of the following are correct managed-bean definition?


How can I set a managed bean property to a null value in the faces-config.xml?

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