Questions of Test: Aptitude test

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A shopkeeper sold two of his toys for 210/-. He sold one toy at a profit of 10% and other for a loss of 10%. Totally he gained 5% on selling both the toys.What is the original cost of each toy?


Today is Friday. A Client says you have to meet me two days after the day before the day after tomorrow that means which day??


If Avocado fruit cost 5 for 75cents how many can you buy for $2.70? (Assuming you can buy piece wise means singly)


80 -14 = 53 + ?


What is the missing number in this series?
8 2 14 6 11 ? 14 6 18 12 


which one of following is same as uncle, aunt and brother??


Find the smallest number in GP whose sum is 38 and product is 1728  ?


A cow is tied to one corner of a square plot of side 12m by a rope 7m long.Find the area it can graze? 


A Monkey ate 100 bananas in five days, each day eating 6 more than the previous day. How many bananas did monkey eat on the first day?  


From 5 different green balls, four different blue balls and three different red balls, how many combinations of balls can be chosen taking at least one green and one blue ball?

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