Questions of Test: Cisco CCNA Certification Mock Test

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As a network consultant you are approached by a small organization who needs suggestion for granting access from a remote site to their LAN.

Restrict access on interface E1
Deny access to https,FTP,TFTP
Allow all other types of traffic

Which line while configuring the access list would be the last?


The following access has been applied on the border router of your remote office

access-list 320 permit ip any

What is the effect?


On a 2900 or a 3900 series Cisco router which is connected to a branch site via leased line, how would you get rid of an access list 100 from serial0?


Which two of the following statements are true regarding the meaning of the access control list wildcard mask of


A software giant in Bangalore bought out a small start up IT company based out of Shanghai. As a freelance consultant you are asked to setup a 2950 Catalyst switch interface to send information about all configured VLANs in their network to the switch located in Mumbai office. Which one of the following commands would achieve this?


802.1q Frame Tagging and ISL are used to...


What is the purpose of Spanning-Tree Protocol in a switched LAN?


Which of the following statements describes part of the process of how a transparent bridge makes a decision to forward a frame destined to a unicast MAC address?


Which two of the following would be reasons for segmenting your network with Layer 2 bridge?


Which of the following comparisons is made by a switch when deciding whether a new MAC address should be added to its bridging table?

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