Questions of Test: PMP Certification practice test

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Projects are initiated due to


Which reason triggers initialization of projects?


All of the following statements concerning project stakeholders are true except


All the statements regarding control accounts and planning packages are true except:


Which type of bilateral contract is used for high dollar, standard items?


Three Point Statistical Estimating Formula Group. Expected Value =


A company has to make a choice between two projects, because the available resources in money and kind are not sufficient to run both at the same time. Each project would take 9 months and would cost $250,000.

1.      The first project is a process optimization which would result in a cost reduction of $120,000 per year. This benefit would be achieved immediately after the end of the project.
2.      The second project would be the development of a new product which could produce the following net profits after the end of the project:

1. year:        $       15,000
2. year:        $       125,000
3. year:        $       220,000

Assumed is a discount rate of 5% per year. Looking at the present values of the benefits of these projects in the first 3 years, what is true?


What is not the purpose of Configuration control when Configuration management is applied in a project?


Your customer asks for a small change in the project, which was not budgeted in the project. It is a small effort as compared to the total project and you need the goodwill for a multimillion dollar on the pipeline. You will


Communication is the PRIME responsibility of a Project:

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