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Questions of Test: Aptitude Test for IT Companies


Find the wrong number in the given series  64, 71, 80, 91, 104, 119, 135, 155


Here are some words translated from an artificial language.
plekapaki means fruitcake
pakishillen means cakewalk
treftalan means buttercup
Which word could mean "cupcake"? 


A retailer buys a cooler for Rs 3800 and overhead expenses on it are Rs 50. If he sells the cooler for Rs 4400, determine his profit percent.


One skirt requires 3.75 yards of cloth. How many skirts can you make from 45 yards?


Roger, Steven and Tom  started a business by investing Rs. 1,20,000, 1,35,000 and 1,50,000. The profit that the made at the end of the year is 56,700. Find steven's share ?

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