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Hibernate Interview Questions - II sims This test contains Hiernate questions based on mapping elements. 1203
JSF Interview questions sims contains JSF questions on JSF components and framework. 707
Spring Transaction Management j2eeGuru Test your understanding about Spring transaction management. Some questions are based on code samples and some are based on on Spring documentation 3072
SNMP Interview Questions sun99 Simple Network Management Protocol is widely used protocol for Device Management in IP/Telecom networks 250
Testing Interview questions bryan Questions which are generally asked in qa interview. Test your knowledge on white box testing and black box testing 563
Oracle DBA Test sims Contains Oracle Database Administration questions and their answers.This is your guide to DBA test preperation. 689
C# Interview questions aaron88 Interview questions for C# 1738
Informatica Interview Questions aaron88 Conceptual questions on functioning of informatica, performance , Power center 1295

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