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Below are couple of English vocabulary practice tests to test your knowledge .There tests help in preparation for TOEFL, GRE, SAT and GMAT.
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Vocabulary Quiz 2 for SAT Aye Here are 20 brief phrases, each containing one italicized word; it is up to you to find the closest definition of each such word. To keep your score valid, refrain, as far as possible, from ‘wild guessing’. The key will be found at the end of the test. 239
Vocabulary Quiz 3 for SAT Aye More SAT words and meanings to stimulate, titillate and invigorate your nerve ends. A test of Vocabulary where you have to decipher the correct meaning of the italicized word in the given sentence. Great words to learn with context. 289
Vocabulary Quiz 4 for SAT Aye Lets continue the Word Power. The italicized word from the phrase needs to be identified with the correct meaning from its given options. 195
Vocabulary Quiz 5 for SAT Aye How well do you know your body and its ailments? Well all words are not exactly the type you would encounter in your SAT, but nevertheless is a great Vocab booster. 340
Vocabulary Quiz 6 for SAT Aye Brief 10 sentences where you need to select the right meaning of the italicized word given in the sentence. 244
Travel Vocab Nimora Travel Vocab in Korean. How good is your Vocab? 13

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