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Create your quiz and practice test

Features of quiz maker

  • Randomize questions in the test
  • Create multiple choice, true and false kind of questions
  • Add explanation for answers to help users analyze the mistake when reviewing results
  • Track your test takers through dashboard
  • Get email when a user leaves a comment
  • View the comments and respond to comments (public quiz)
  • Runs on Ipad and android
  • Set time limits
  • Insert images and add html mark up, colors to your tests
  • Assign questions to varying level of difficulty
  • Students get a dashboard to review their scores and results
  • Compare the performance of test taker with community
  • No set up or installation required
  • 24/7 availability

Create quiz and practice test at Skill-guru

Skil-Guru's platform helps you to get started with your quiz easily. You can create search engine friendly quizzes and test

  • Create unlimited quiz and practice tests at Skill-Guru (ad supported)
  • Share the quiz with your community or classmates
  • Link the quiz with your profile (optional) . If you are a company or tutor , you can link the quiz with your public listing and profile
  • Increase your online reputation
  • Promote your services through public quizzes
  • Your profile is emailed to test taker and displayed at end of quiz (For featured gurus)
Pricing FreeUnlimited tests on public domain

Sell your tests and quiz at Skill-Guru

You can create a tests and quiz on virtually any topic and sell them at skill-guru. Our system is integrated with paypal so all you need is paypal id to get started. From each sale , you get to collect 80% of net income

  • No set up or monthly fees to create and sell quiz.
  • Chose and set your own price
  • Track payments and sale from dashboard
  • Get paid through payal periodically
  • Options to make couple of questions free for preview (helps users to try before they buy)
  • Create coupons and offers for your quiz
  • Promote the quiz and test through social media (facebook, twitter . blog)
Pricing Create and sell unlimited tests.

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