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Tutors and Companies

  • Are you paying for listing your profile on other sites ?
  • Do you pay out commission when students take classes ?
  • Can the students contact you directly ?
  • Can you create practice tests for your students ?

Skill guru is the first of its kind platform to offer all in one solution to tutors and companies. It is the trusted platform where in thousand of students have taken test and visit regularly.

How Skill Guru helps you ?

  • Search engine friendly profile

    Create a search engine friendly profile and be discoverable by thousands of students

  • Assessment platform

    Use our assessment platform to analyze students weakness and offer custom solution

  • Aggregate your information

    Aggregate your blog, tests and feedback in one place.

  • Social media

    Skill Guru will help you promoting your profile through twitter, facebook and blog

  • Publish contact details

    Publish your contact details making it easier for students to reach you out directly

  • Lead generation

    Get connected with locals students or give online training

  • Create and sell Practice tests

    Sell practice tests and keep 8o% of net income

  • Increase online reputation

    Create quiz, publish contents and increase your online reputation

Features of Skill Guru

Listing your basic profile at Skill Guru Free
List your expanded search engine friendly profile at Skill-Guru Free
Share your calendar with users Free
Display your email id and phone number so that students can communicate
Create Practice tests and quiz under your name Free
Create paid tests and sell at skill-Guru Take 80% of net income
(You need a paypal id
to sell tests)
Create tests to analyze students weakness Free
Dashboard to view the students who took tests Free
Reply to users's comment Free
Skill-Guru helps in promoting your profile and tests Free
Set up as featured Guru which allows your brief profile
description to be displayed at end of test and to be send in email
to students who take test
Free for limited time
Dashboard to monitor sale of each tests Free for limited time