Oracle 11g certification mock test-1Z0_050

This is a 50 question practice test for OCA 11g certification (1Z0_050). This test covers new features for Oracle 11g Administrators
Category Certification / Mock test
Keywords oracle 11g, oracle certification , oracle
Tags oracle OCA
Questions 6- Free questions 43 - Paid questions
Test takers 168
Average score 21.99
Rating (4/5)
Guru Amit
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ValidityValidity Forever Once you buy the test you can take this test as many times as it is valid.
for eg validitity - Forever : you can login and take this test anytime and it will never expire."
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Candidate Reviews

20 Aug 14: good one
17 May 13: Good test. Gives a basic idea of the actual exam questions.
15 Sep 10: awesome!!!!
15 Sep 10: Excellent stuff.

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