SCJP 5 mock Test

This has questions for SCJP 5 mock test.It has topics ranging from collections to thread.
Category Certification / Mock test
Keywords free SCJP mock test, Scjp 5 mock tests ,scjp mock test , java mock exam, sun java certification
Tags scjp java
Questions 56 - Free questions
Test takers 8133
Average score 23.22
Rating (4/5)
Guru j2eeGuru
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Candidate Reviews

Vedanand Singh
21 Jun 15: Thanks
22 Feb 15: So tiring & painful because of bad naming conventions and a lot of complicated questions
02 Jun 14: ersr
05 May 13: Very good test! Thanks a lot!
24 Jan 13: its nice to have this test. interesting.

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