PRINCE2 Foundation Exam

I am a certified in PRINCE2 and have made this exam to be as close as possible to the real PRINCE2 2009 Foundation exam. No Principle, Process or Theme is left untouched in this 50 question test where a 60% pass mark is required just like the real test.
Category Certification / Mock test
Keywords PRINCE2 2009 , 2005 Exam Foundation Mock Certification
Tags prince2
Questions 6- Free questions 44 - Paid questions
Test takers 67
Average score 34.31
Rating (5/5)
Guru ikoko
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ValidityValidity Forever Once you buy the test you can take this test as many times as it is valid.
for eg validitity - Forever : you can login and take this test anytime and it will never expire."
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Candidate Reviews

02 Nov 11: Very interesting. I sat for the mock test without reading Prince2 training material
28 Mar 11: The test format is very good , it works.
13 Dec 10: Launched today. This exam not only covers all syllabus topics but provides specific PRINCE2 manual references to help you improve.

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