GRE Reading Comprehension Prep Test

Practice for the Reading Comprehension questions that are part of the GRE verbal section. This prep test consists of several reading passages, each followed by GRE-type multiple-choice questions based on what is stated or implied in the passage.
Category GRE
Keywords GRE Reading Comprehension, gre verbal
Tags gre gre comprehension
Questions 30 - Free questions
Test takers 432
Average score 31.47
Rating (4/5)
Guru BrendaM
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Candidate Reviews

08 Aug 17: i like that it comprises of different types of comprehensive passages in subject,length and questioning and is definitely a good way to help me prepare for the D-day
02 May 14: Great one.... i would like to take more tests
Divi sesi
30 Apr 14: Good selection of passages
07 May 13: i dont believe this
06 Aug 12: I am not satisfied with few of the answers. But on the whole, it was really good.

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