GRE Math Practice Test

These are Quantitative Comparison questions with diagrams. Problem-solving format questions have five multiple-choice answer possibilities. Do not use a calculator. All numbers are real numbers.
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Questions 9 - Free questions
Test takers 151
Average score 41.25
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Guru BrendaM
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Candidate Reviews

09 Apr 16: The answer choices are confusing
15 Sep 12: For the first 5 questions u didnot gave column:a and column:b so how can i answer?? so for that questions i proptly chosen options... dats it.go through the questions and verify ones... plzzz........
05 Jul 12: unable to grasp the concept of "column a is greater, column b is greater" in questions 1 and 2 when there is a clear answer.
16 Feb 11: Nice. Need more questions.

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