SCJP 6 mock test

This Test is for Sun Certified Programmer for the Java Platform, Standard Edition 6 (CX-310-065). It cover the topics- Language Fundamentals,Operators and Expressions, Exception Handling, Inner Classes, Threading, Files and Streams, String, Generics, Polymorphism, Inheritance and Package
Category Certification / Mock test
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Tags scjp java
Questions 65 - Free questions
Test takers 2552
Average score 13.2
Rating (3/5)
Guru akash12goel
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Candidate Reviews

anil yadav
04 Dec 14: its was nice experince.........
06 Jul 14: test froze at question with six options; had to Finish
07 Jun 14: Tougher compared to SCJP
18 Apr 14: AAAA
20 Nov 12: please send more q/a for scjp 6

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