OCP 10g Certification

This is a free practice test to help you prepare for OCP 10g(1Z0-042 and 1Z0-043) certification. This certification tests the candidate's knowledge to configure an Oracle database for multilingual applications, use various methods of recovering and tuning the database, and use database technologies such as Resource Manager, Scheduler and ASM.
Category Certification / Mock test
Keywords OCP 10g mock test, OCP certification questions
Tags oracle ocp
Questions 15 - Free questions
Test takers 329
Average score 26.46
Rating (4/5)
Guru Amit
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Candidate Reviews

23 Jul 15: It was nice small test for beginner but i think you should need to put some more live / practical scenarios to improve practical knowledge ! It's my opinion! if you want my help for this you can mail me on my mail id krunalpatel155@gmail.com Thank You
12 Nov 12: Good effort Required more like this mock tests
11 Nov 12: very hard
24 Oct 12: some questions missing during review and some option not displayed during test.
28 Mar 12: Good to think.

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