Core Spring 3.0 Certification Mock Exam

Mock questions to prepare the Core Spring 3.x Certification : free 50 multiple-choice questions / 88 minutes / passing score = 76 % (38 questions answered successfully)
Category Certification / Mock test
Keywords vmware springsource spring core framework java aop test jms jmx mvc security remoting transaction
Tags certification spring mock test java
Questions 50 - Free questions
Test takers 3679
Average score 18.43
Rating (3/5)
Guru Elric
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Candidate Reviews

hema m
09 Jun 17: nice
16 Mar 16: Screen was getting stuck at few questions, and I was not able to select any answer. (2) It should allow to click next button even if candidate doesn't want to give answer.
30 Dec 15: excellent
29 Jan 15: Some questions with multiple choice offered just radio buttons
25 Jan 15: Tests have some issue with UI, checkbox and radiobutton show wrong in page.

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