PL/SQL Interview Questions

This test contains Oracle pl sql interview questions
Category Technical Skill / Interview questions
Keywords Oracle PL/SQL Interview Questions,PL-SQL questions
Tags oracle plsql
Questions 43 - Free questions
Test takers 2338
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Guru sims
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Candidate Reviews

05 Jan 17: 1. Some of the questions are not clear. 2. There are lots of typos.
12 Sep 16: all are theoretical questions and completely non related to PL/SQL programming it is closed to oracle DBA an RDBMS related .it would be better the test has real PL/SQL questions .
12 Feb 15: Good
Prasad Prem
23 Jul 14: Liked it
03 Apr 14: Its nice to take the tests. Good questions, more questions on sql queries would help. More example based questions on trigger procedure and partitioning would help.

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