Spring Transaction Management

Test your understanding about Spring transaction management. Some questions are based on code samples and some are based on on Spring documentation
Category Technical Skill / Interview questions
Keywords spring , spring certification test, spring mock test, spring transaction
Tags java spring
Questions 10 - Free questions
Test takers 3072
Average score 52.35
Rating (4/5)
Guru j2eeGuru
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Candidate Reviews

16 Jan 15: This test is totally different from the real test. Some questions have only two alternatives and other test have no explanation at all. i even got true/false questions only. Much better the free test at www.springmockexams.com
07 Nov 14: good
27 Oct 14: Good
29 Jul 14: This is a fantastic test and an eye opener with just 10 questions
29 Apr 14: Nice

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