Spring Integration Certification Mock Exam

Mock questions to prepare the Enterprise Integration with Spring exam (EIwS 1.x): free 25 multiple-choice questions / 44 minutes / passing score = 76 % (19 questions answered successfully)
Category Certification / Mock test
Keywords certification, spring vmware mock test, java integration batch, rest, transaction, jms, eiws
Tags certification spring integration spring batch transaction spring spring web service
Questions 25 - Free questions
Test takers 918
Average score 36.77
Rating (4/5)
Guru Elric
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Candidate Reviews

19 Nov 17: Thanks!
11 Jul 16: Was good. But it would have been great, if the review comments for the wrong answers are given at the end.
27 Aug 15: thanks
17 Aug 15: Some answers options cannot be clicked, for this reason I couldn't complete the test as almost one option was mandatory
30 Apr 15: good

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