APICS CSCP (Supply Chain Management)

Practice test for Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) exam. You may visit SCMZone Network website http://www.scmzone.8m.com for more practice tests.
Category Certification / Mock test
Keywords supply chain management, scm, cscp, APICS, cpim, purchase, procurement, inventory, scmzone
Tags apics CSCP supply chain purchase supply chain certification
Questions 15 - Free questions
Test takers 329
Average score 63.04
Rating (4/5)
Guru scmzone
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Candidate Reviews

06 Dec 15: good one
20 Feb 14: THanks for the test. It was very good.
28 Jan 14: Much questions such awesome
28 Jan 14: I love it
30 Oct 13: Seems like more 6 sigma than supply chain...

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