Business English Grammar Check 1

Check your grammatical accuracy in the context of language typically used in professional and business communication.
Category Vocabulary Tests
Keywords business english grammar, business english communication
Tags business english aptitude
Questions 0 - Free questions
Test takers 196
Average score 62.47
Rating (4/5)
Guru dave12
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Candidate Reviews

19 Apr 12: Good Attempt, I hope it helps me in improving myself
15 Jul 11: gud one
07 Jun 10: that was great thanks for the test
25 Apr 10: I think some of your answers are mislabeled. The question I got "wrong" actually had the wrong answer (I would like begin the meeting at nine instead of ten) marked as correct, instead of the correct one (I would like to begin the meeting at nine instead of ten.)
anshul Kumar
22 Feb 10: aa

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