SpringSource Core Practice Exam

Questions related to spring core. After I made this exam I took the real exam and got over 95% correct. This may be a pretty tough exam, but if you study it then you will definitely learn something, and it will definitely help you pass the real exam.
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Questions 11- Free questions 49 - Paid questions
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for eg validitity - Forever : you can login and take this test anytime and it will never expire."
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Candidate Reviews

13 Oct 14: I'm not sure that all answers are correct...
28 Sep 14: it would be great if the questions are reviewed, I don't think all of them are right. For instance RMI can not run over HTTP, and there is no method call isAuthentificationFully(), but isFullyAuthentificated()
14 Sep 14: After I took the test, it only allowed me to review 25 of the 60 questions to compare my answers to the correct answers. If I can't see the actual results, how can I see what areas to study? It renders this mock exam almost useless.
30 May 14: good
Manoj K
08 Jun 13: excellent

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