PMP Certification practice test

This test helps you prepare for PMP Certification. It has questions on general project management, Cost Management, time , resource ,procurement , risk , scope , project charter, Project Integration and quality
Category Certification / Mock test
Keywords pmp certification free test, pmp certification mock test.
Tags PMP java asp
Questions 68 - Free questions
Test takers 920
Average score 24.6
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Guru Amit
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Candidate Reviews

31 Jan 16: excellent
21 Sep 12: Thanks for this test. I think your answer to Q5 is wrong, since the Net Present Value approach indicates that the first project has an 11% advantage over the second. I don't understand your working, an explanation would be appreciated.
23 Apr 12: Really good test , but not formatted well. Many questions are not readable due to overwritten by AdChoices Pls see to it..
11 Apr 12: The NEXT button doesn't work. Couldn't go past question 1.
anant panchal
12 Mar 12: Good type of questions.

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