Aptitude Test for IT Companies

This aptitude test helps you in preparing for entrance test at numerous IT Companies like Infosys , TCS , Tech Mahindra. It has a good mix of questions from Logical, Analytical and Verbal Ability. There are explanations for each questions which will help you analyze your mistakes
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Keywords Analytic questions, entrance test
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Questions 5- Free questions 45 - Paid questions
Test takers 1461
Average score 67.92
Rating (3/5)
Guru shruti
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Candidate Reviews

19 Sep 17: It was really pleasant for me to have taken this test as it was lofty for the mind .
v suresh
29 Jan 17: good and properly graded
24 Apr 16: It was good.
02 Aug 15: explanation or review is not corresponding questions?
22 Jul 15: soo nice test

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